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Although I haven't had any real heat (in Scotland) in which to test to the maximum the rehydration capacity of the product, I have found them effective and a quick, easy and and very portable option for an electrolyte drink. - It's certainly much easier to carry the small tube around in the back of a bag than worrying about sachets and/or whole ready-prepared drinks. It also means you can fill up from water en-route if out training in the hills and just throw a tablet in. Unlike some similar products, the drink is definitely tasty and easy to drink. I guess with the distance of a lot of the training and events I do I quite often like some carbohydrates in the drink as well, but I appreciate that this is not really possible (I assume) in a small tablet format. I also think the caffeine is a good idea, but unsure as to the de-hydration effect of having this as part of the mix? So yes, thumbs up - great idea, and I'd certainly make more use of these if ZYM were keen supply.

I was one of the thousands of people to whom you passed out samples of ZYM at Interbike this year. I was highly interested in your product for personal reasons.

I am a long-distance bicyclist who participates in randonneuring. I also live with Cohn’s disease, an autoimmune disease that affects the body's ability to absorb nutrients from food. For some time I have been looking for ways to increase my endurance during long rides, but have had a hard time finding a product that interacted well with my dietary restrictions and medical contraindications, and which also had a pleasing enough taste that I would actually USE it.

Enter ZYM.

After I tasted your prepared product and was surprised at liking it, you gave me three sample packets to try at home. Knowing that my last big ride of the year was coming up this fall, I used a tablet on each of my two longest preparatory rides, and saved the third tablet for the actual event.

In all cases, ZYM worked well. The tablet dissolved quickly in water and was not sickly-sweet or overly salty. I felt that I had enough energy to sustain the effort needed to finish the ride. I had NO odd side effects from drinking ZYM and I noticed within minutes of drinking it how my energy felt replenished. I logged my best personal time ever for a popular (100km) yesterday and I think that, while all other factors were excellent, having your product in my saddlebag certainly contributed.

Were I a professional athlete I would certainly inquire about sponsorship. (I am not wealthy by any means and the cost of supplements is a little beyond me for regular/training use at this time.) I know that I will use your product again on future randonneuring events, and recommend it to my friends. Thanks for making an excellent, effective and easy-to-use product.
Beth Hamon

I have been diagnosed with Graves Disease (an immune-driven hyperthyroidism) that spent the last two years deteriorating my bone & muscle mass and leaving little behind to rebuild with. Exercise was a painful, emotional experience... to feel how far back I fell from my former shape of perfect health. Within just 2 months of using ZYM during my usual 5-day/week physical therapy/exercise regime, my body has nearly rebuilt my bone and muscle mass back to a normal state. Even after radioactive iodine therapy, I can say that I have the right tool (ZYM) to help combat the hypothyroidism I then became, and have no future worries of gaining excessive weight (I am only 123 lbs, and 5' 9") that most people in my situation have.
Crystal O.

I've had friends let me try your products and I use them all the time when I drink water.
Jeff Kaskus

Used both the berry and lime flavored tablets. They are a great way to stay hydrated during exercise and fantastic for post exercise re-hydration. I've used them in many races and during training.
Charles Pennington

Tastes great! Favorite sports hydration tabs

Best Energy for difficult moments
Daniel Ortola

ZYM helps to provide me with the rehydration that my body requires and I have been very happy with the performance I gain from ZYM.
Nick Peterson

I have used this a couple times before MMA training and during fights. It’s an awesome hydration method for fighters and I will definitely love to be sponsored by and promote this product
Branden Brown

Thank you very much for the sponsor I hope to be a big part of the ZYM team!
Benjamin Duarte

Awesome product! Although only using one tab, it tasted a little weak.. So I always use roq
Garrett Coutts

Thanks so much for the sponsorship! I’m stoked to ride for you guys and rep your gear this season!!
Marissa Rose Hansen

ZYM is a great product and easy to carry for long rides. Like the taste! Tucker Larrieu Tried one at a triathlon expo and like the favor. Haven't tried it with hard activity but would think it was be great.
Ryan Joseph Fallo

I love it! It gives me the energy I need during training and on race days! I recommend it to everyone I know that does endurance sports.
Dr. Cass

Once you try it... you will want it in your bottles all the time. You can drink this electrolyte replacement fluid freely during long, difficult training and racing, and in even the hottest of weather. No gastro-intestinal discomfort from added corn syrup, sugars, etc. I use ZYM and nothing else!
The Good: Low calorie, no added sugar, light flavor (not too sweet), easy to transport and use. The Bad: Nothing!
Jeffrey Simoneau

Works great!
Cody Hays

Tastes great and it improves my performance
Greyson Downes

Great product. As a Sponsored Triathlete/Athlete, I have been using ZYM for a month. I like the fact that it has a great taste and does not leave a sugary feeling in your mouth. This works really well for endurance athletes who need to replace electrolytes quickly. One tab in the bottle, a couple of shakes and you are good to go. I keep extra tabs in my bike box to mix on the fly. Easy in, no stomach issues and a dash of increased energy. The Good: Quick, easy, fast into your system, taste, results The Bad: Have to shake the drink bottle to get tab to fully dissolve, not really an issue except with a front mount aero bottle. Tips: Pre-Mix your fill bottles if using an aero bottle set up.
Jordan Buth

ZYM helps to provide me with the rehydration that my body requires and I have been very happy with the performance I gain from ZYM.
Nick Peterson

Can't wait to put in an order. The ease of just dropping a tab into my bottle really appeals to me!
Zach Linhardt

Super convenient tablets. They taste much better than my previous tabs (which we wont mention). The Catapult is amazing, great for an extra little kick during long races. Not too fizzy and mix well with plan carbohydrate mixes.
Daniel Dziubski

It's the bomb
Nick Dunner

Just received your product in the mail today. I got three tubes of Catapult, and I really like it! Tastes good and has caffeine to give me that extra burst of energy. Thanks!
Great taste.

Best hydration product ever. I can't stand the taste of plain, warm water on long rides or after a workout. This stuff puts an unbelievably great taste to my water that, in many cases, is warm if not hot after only 30 minutes on the bike in this Texas weather. Wonderful product. Definitely buying more.
It tastes amazing and it gives you energy Ice your water before you drop the tab in.

These are the best drink for training; it keeps you hydrated and prevents the loss of energy.
Luca Bignotti

I recently used the product at the Duathlon World Championships...I enjoy the flavor and ease of use.... no side-effects during racing...easy to travel with to Europe
Jason Atkinson

ZYM is great; endurance formula is salty and refreshing. ZYM Catapult has the right blend to get the most energy out of your rides, great for when you're lagging that day.
The Good: Refreshing Can be a bit salty in 16oz or less water Use more water than the tube recommends
Paul Rinkenberg

Just started using these tabs this past season. Got WAY better results then from the popular off-the-shelf hydration drinks I have used in the past. I got my local shop to start supplying them.
Jamie Landers

I use the Rival and Endurance, both exceed my needs for the 8-12 hour days I put in on the course...I feel fresh when competing, working out or teaching. Best product I have tried in its category!!! Thanks for the great product, Keith Ornelas Professional Golfer. Ease of use, portability, taste!
I break my caps in half then put them in water, seem to dissolve better.

I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your products. I did a 10k run on Thanksgiving with my girlfriend and her family. We all took ZYM Catapult and everyone was blown away at how well it worked! No cramping, no soreness, everything was great!!!! On another note, I just signed up for the Ironman 70.3 San Juan in March. I bought a bib along with my order, but I was wondering if you guys sell tri-suits too? I would love to represent ZYM as much as I can down there and can't think of a better way then rapping the ZYM logo on my tri-suit. Can you please let me know if you guys have them and how much it would cost, or maybe if my sponsorship discount could apply to that as well? I love the tablets and want to do everything I can to spread the word about how well they work because I really like it and believe it is a game changer. Is there anything else I can do to help promote it?
Daniel Cassidy

I am already a sponsored rider. My contract is up on 12/31 and I really don’t want it to end. I love ZYM tabs. Thanks to them I have been able to stop drinking the ever so addicting monsters and rely solely on ZYM for my pre race fuel. Thank you guys for making an amazing product! I was wondering though if I have to re-apply for sponsorship or if you automatically send out an offer to extend the contract term. Once again thank you guys for the amazing product and opportunity to be part of the team and regardless of what happens I will continue to support the ZYM movement. Amazing!

I ride mountain bikes, before I found your product after a ride I could cramp up, even sleeping was the worst. Sense using your product NO leg cramps. I 'm hooked.
Scott Anderton

I use ZYM endurance and it gave me a discernible increase in performance and endurance, and reduced fatigue. I really enjoyed this product.
James Shannon

ZYM Tabs work great and taste good too!
Sean Martin

I love the feeling I get training when I know I should be in a lot more pain that I really am. Thanks ZYM.
Ben Thomas

I love these, especially in the hot Arizona summer heat!
Elliot Kawaoka

I play tennis and find that the tablets are the perfect method of maintaining hydration during play (without all the sugar!). I can carry them with me easily and use as needed. What a great product!
Laurie Millar

Thanks for the ZYM, I took one during a long spin, it was great. I used to do Red Bull but it had to be flat otherwise I throw up. The ZYM didn't make me sick and I didn't crash from it either. Are you riding outside this time of year? When you get back, send over some photos and we will workout out a price. We don't actually know the number of unique visitors to our site yet because we haven't launched. We'll have to come up with a quantity, maybe try what you have in stock already.
Hope you had a Happy New Year!
Hali Brisson

The temperatures can reach 110+ where I usually race (The Texas panhandle) and it gets even hotter with a fire suit on and strapped in my racecar. I have been looking for a supplement that not only hydrates me but also gives me a boost in energy without sugar. A friend who does hot yoga turned me on to this product and I have been using it for a year now. I no longer feel dehydrated during or after a race and feel the affects of it the next day. I usually use two in prepping for my races, and two following my races that evening. They have worked well for me!
Jeremy Lovelady

Passed a competitor in the last half mile of the run to win my age group today. Thank you, ZYM - every time I carry a water bottle with ZYM on the run I negative split :)
Jeanette Mucha

I really like ZYM Tabs because they make my camelback/water bottle water taste so much better. Not only that, but with all the B vitamins and electrolytes I surely have an advantage, whether I'm training or racing. My local shop carries ZYM!
Cody Ard

Great taste!!! Especially love the berry flavor.
Peter Locher

The few times I have used your product I noticed a difference in my energy level. I always get a little boost! I mostly take your product for my swim sets. I can tell it wards off fatigue that is common in a hard swim set. I like the fact that it's not real sweet and not too salty. For long Ironman training bike rides I always have at least two bottles ready to go and extra tablets in my bento box. I love your products.
Brad Askins

ZYM is awesome. I definitely feel a difference. I love the fact that they are vegan friendly also. I currently got my fiancé into ZYM because of that! Thanks for an awesome product guys!
Team Sanjuu

Diego Duez

I run a pro shop at a golf course. Do you have a retail program? Might be nice product for golfers in the hot southwest.
Tom Yankovec

We lift weights and play competitive tennis. ZYM is it for us. I am a Specialist in Sports Conditioning and recommend it to my clients.
David A Solan

ZYM is my new "secret weapon" on the tennis court! You've made me a believer. I can't wait to test it out during the summer months. Thank you for developing such an amazing product!
Matthew Paat

Hurry, I have a metric century next weekend.
Laurie Williams

Thank You....
Herman Funk

first time user. hope it works. send nutritional info on it
Richard Gospodarek

Review in Bicycling mag sounded great. I am a 63 yr. old triathlete and if this works well I will order more. Can you include any samples to offer to my training buddies?
Randy Oates

Great stuff
Suzanne Ackley

Just finished my first order, nice!
Samuel DeVore

A friend of mine brought ZYM to our spinning/cycling class at the gym this evening and she gave me one for my water. I am impressed and look forward to using it to get the most out of my workouts.
Lori Gerbac

Great product. It used to be such a hassle mixing powders or watering down too-sugary pop erd's. / Now I just carry a 20oz. cup to the tennis courts, fill it up with water, pop in a ZYM tablet, sit back and watch it fizz. ZYM is never an issue about whether it's working or whether it is working too much. I just know it's working. Thanks.
Charles C Dennis

I look forward to being able to transport this item on the plane. As I know I could not transport any fluids. Or even a partly used container of powder. I plan to use it on my long runs to see how it works for me before flying to Greenland for a marathon in August. Great idea. Thanks.
Barbara Goode

Can't wait for an electrolyte drink that isn’t all syrup.
Lindsay Denman

You guys have an amazing product, It's great for those long lasting tennis matches!
Louis Foutris

I have been using ZYM and really like it a lot.
Frank Stasz

Awsome product.
Eric Nelson

Thanks! This is a great product. Would be interested in being sales rep for Central Fl. I am an avid Tennis Player and know how well this would sell!!
Kelley Haak

This Stuff Is Awesome. Just got back from playing golf in Arizona (in August). 99 holes of golf in 4 days. This really helped. Thanks!
Todd Price

I usually try Nuun. I'm ditching them for you provided your product is substantially similar or better. Good luck.
Glynn Turquand

I was given a tube of the lemon lime tabs at Interbike last year and I liked it a lot. The biggest thing I noticed drinking it on rides was it really helped relax my stomach during hard efforts. In my opinion, your product works well.
Matt Keane

PSB - That's me on your web site...the one that says sponsor of Pacific State Bank Cycling Team! I feel almost famous. Thanks for your support. I look forward to trying your product.
Todd Hennings

Great product. Been using it for two years now. Wouldn't use anything else. Keep it up.
Eric Nelson

Been adding these to our water bottles since picking some up at Sea Otter. Great for our endurance rides. 85 miles on Saturday - felt energetic to the end with these!
Steve Cooper

Great product!
Ken Johnson

I like your product way better than nuun.
Ron Barbani

Great stuff for an ordinary athlete.
Christer Wiklander

This stuff seems to keep the cramps away for me.
Tim Plaza

Was surprised that there were no specials for the month of August - only kidding - love the product - use ZYM on all my rides. Thanks!
Richard Sarzala

We use your products exclusively while Off-Road Motorcycle Racing in Fla. With the high heat & humidity, your product performs extremely well. We race in the Florida Trail Riders Series, which is said to be #1or#2 in membership in US. Great products.
George Tolson

Love the product and would love to receive any coupons or deals on it. Thanks.
James Cestone

Will try them out over break. We will be talking about it tomorrow at our team meeting and probably will make a decision when we come back from break in January. So that is the current idea for a timeline. I will keep you updated. I look forward to it all; I'm excited about it.
Tim Maas

Thanks for a GREAT product with ZYM.
Alan Davis

Without a doubt, the most effective and best tasting product I have tried!
Michael Shealy

Testing these on behalf of one son serving in Afghanistan and one about to start HS football.
Dawson Lewis

Wife is hooked on this product.
Peter Schriver

Participated in Get Your Guts In Gear bike ride for Crohn's and Colitis in Seattle in August and loved using ZYM! Great product!
Cheryl Pfennig

I use your products during training and races instead of Gatorade and Heed. ZYM works more effectively and from a hydration perspective has significantly contributed to my improving times in races of 10K, 1/2 Marathons and Marathons. I have recommended ZYM to other runners and athletes who all report positive and noticeable results!
Thomas Kaplan

Awesome product!
Ryan Coleman

Love the product, and the colors are great on my bike!
Patrick O'Connor

Thank you for the sponsorship. I look forward to trying your product, then ordering more. Thank you

Thanks again for the sponsorship. I love the product. Can't wait for the cycling jersey to get here.
Derek Couse

Thank you so much for sponsoring me for my events!! Love the Berry flavored ZYM!

Amy Shedrick

Please send some stickers of your logo with my order, so that I can promote you on my helmet! Thanks for sponsoring me!
Lars Ola Rindseter

Can I have more stickers? Also I am wondering if you have any t-shirts I can wear to get the word out about ZYM when I'm skating.
David Dutil

Thanks will be have these for the Tour of California this year going from start to finish.
John LosHornyak

Great product -LUVVVVVV it.
Debbi Henniker
Hey! I've been linking to GoZYM.com on my Slowtwitch signature for some time now, but you guys are not sending any more promo stuff my way. How's about throwing in a water bottle and a few tubes of Catapult to sweeten my order? In return, I keep mentioning ZYM products in my Slowtwitch signature.
Alexandre Michel

This stuff is awesome. Won a 12 quad field last night and gave out several ZYM samples.
Jerud Earnest

Thanks guys, best product I've ever used and I sell quite a bit.
All the best
Al River City Cycling

Tim Anderson

Product is quite effective.
Herman Green

Proud supporter of your product - it is the only thing in my bottles on the bike, whether training or racing! I will be racing at the Inaugural Branson IM 70.3 on Sept. 19th - with ZYM!
Jeffrey Simoneau

I'm a completely caffeine free person and I am looking forward to the new orange.
Thank you for providing alternatives to the lime that are caffeine free!
Anthony Forster

I emailed you guys about getting the all green twist off water bottles that you had at this years Las Vegas Interbike show. I lost my bottle while riding and I wanted some replacements, just because they are so bright and cool! Id only prefer the all green bottles, so if you are all out of stock on those, please let me know before shipping. thanks!
Bud Abille

Thank you ZYM for the sponsorship and the great products.
Randy Kubasiak


Thank you for the sponsorship. I look forward to working with your brand.
ZYM rider and user
Collin Curtin

Greetings, ZYM! I have been one of your sponsored athletes and supporters since March 2010. I can honestly state that your Endurance and Catapult tablets are all that I put in my water bottles! Although, I must say that I liked your original Catapult formula better. The newer tabs that dissolve quicker do not taste as good as the previous version. I also noticed cramping in both legs - all muscle groups - while on the bike (very hilly) at the K-Swiss Ironman 70.3 in Branson, MO back in September. First time I've ever had any cramping since using ZYM. Not sure if this had anything to do with it. Just wondering if you have had any other feedback from your athletes regarding the new Catapult formula. Also, I've placed several orders with you since March... and I have more ZYM stickers than I know what to do with now. :-) For a change, how about tossing in a T-shirt, socks or something with your logo on it that I can wear before/during/after races, training or events? I would love nothing more than to give you some added exposure.
Great product!

Good thing that I checked my e-mail today!!!

I'm a triathlete in Alb., NM and I love your product!
Tricia Romesberg

I am very interested in trying this product to see how it works for me. I am very active as I run and bike (and spin) as well as play various sports (soccer and softball) competitively.
Noelle Wadsworth

This will be my first order with ZYM as a sponsor. I'm excited to be a ZYM athlete! Is it possible for me to pick orders up instead of paying for shipping? I work in the loop and am in the building right next to yours.
Jeremy Brizzi

Please include some stickers for my bike and helmet so that I can show my support and sponsorship of your incredible products.
Frank Dugger

Can't wait to use ZYM for the first time! Thank you for sponsoring Team Omega Cycling! We are ready to push the ZYM name!!
Kyle Rickenbaugh

Thanks for keeping my legs fresh.
Benjamin Thomas

This is Adam training in the navy i spoke with you on the phone and you said you were going to put in some samples for a bunch of the guys to try.
Adam Rutz

Looking forward to trying the product and telling my readers about it.
Michelle Dixon

Thanks for the sponsorship! Glad that you support me and what I do(skateboarding)! ZYM is down 4 Life!
Collin Curtin

Thanks for the sponsorship if you guys could throw in a t-shirt I would wear it proudly.
Sean Heffernan

Hey thanks for the sponsorship! Stoked.
Laura Whenmouth

I'm way overdue for some more catapult. I am happy to support the cause too. Thanks for all you've given me in the past.
Dana Sussman

Thanks for the sample! :) Rebecca Gerdon
Thank you, ZYM! I love your product and love promoting your brand.
Jeff Simoneau

I want to try the product as well as inquire if you are looking for distributors.
Lynes Downing

I love the ZYM -- great for long dance practices!!
James Coltharp

Thank you for the wonderful sponsorship offer and I will be sure to represent you to the very best of my ability. The outdoor season is just kicking off and I'm eager to represent ZYM. Thank you and all the best for 2011.
Louizandre Dauphin

New Sponsorship, please include logo for my BIplane... I am an Airshow / Aerobatic Pilot will three magazine features coming this summer!
Ron Bearer Joe Gibbs Racing

Thank you so much for sponsoring me. I finally had a chance to try the samples that you sent me...And they did an awesome job...I was actually wishing I would have had more as I had a 3 day weekend motocross race. Can’t wait to get the batch in the mail...
Mick Bender

I'm very excited to try ZYM! What a relief to find an electrolyte tab w/out Sorbitol. I wish that you were in a store near me; maybe EMS would carry you.
Aissa Feldmann

ZYM - still the ONLY hydration fluids in my bottles! / :-)
Jeffrey Simoneau

Thank you for the continued support. Best hydration product in the world, I am lucky to wear you name on my jersey.
Benjamin Thomas

Tried this product for the first time at RAGBRAI 2011. On one of the hottest rides I had ever done and with 31,000 feet of climb, I felt like a champ after each day. You found yourself a consumer. If you could, see if you can push your product in some of the local shops in my area (Lexington, KY). I love to support the local shops, but I'm not driving all the way to Cincinnati to do so. Thanks!!!
John McBride

Thank you as always, ZYM, for your continued support and sponsorship. I proudly tell all of my fellow athletes and training partners that the only hydration product I use in my bottles is ZYM! Period.
Jeffrey Simoneau